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I have tears in my eyes all the time but I wouldn’t really call that crying- I watch a lot of news and even some sad commercials cause a little tear to pop up- I’m a softy in real life.

The last time I really cried…like…ugly cried was about a year ago when my mom died- actually at her funeral. I really tried my best to hold it together but it just all got to me.

My mom had been sick for almost a decade and we were all aware that it was coming and, sometimes, we didn’t have the best relationship because our personalities clashed all the time- she was a hard headed and stubborn woman…but she was still my mom and the only real family I had growing up.

Everything hit me and I broke down and I even had some rough days over the last year but I usually push down the real tears and head for the food.

Food is basically instant happiness for me and I’m trying to get away from that and it’s not easy with the one year anniversary of her dying coming up- I’ll either cry or go on an eating binge…who knows.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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