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This is a weird question because are we talking about BBQ food as in food with BBQ sauce on it or are we talking about “cookout food” which we call a BBQ?

I’ll tackle both because I love food.

I’m a huge fan of Sonny’s BBQ because of their amazing sweet BBQ sauce and I love to get pulled pork or chicken and basically use it as a spoon to get the BBQ sauce into my mouth. I’m sure that stuff is LOADED with sugar so we aren’t going there as much but the next time I have cheat day- I think I’m hitting up Sonny’s. ALSO- their Redneck Eggrols….OMG!!!

Now- my favorite “cookout food” is your basic hot dog- there is nothing better. They cook really well on a grill or just over an open flame. You don’t have to worry about them being “done” because you can eat them raw and they are delicious without a bun- so they are extremely Sharketo.

NO- I don’t want to know what is actually in them or how they are made…we do get the more expensive Angus ones but I’m sure there is just as much face in those as the cheap ones.

Face is delicious.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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