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1970 Nova with 400 small block and 4 barrel carburetor….or something fancy like that.

I’ve never known much about cars but loved Nova’s as a kid.

My mom picked me up one day from school and she was in this forrest green, jacked up 70 Nova that looked amazing with fancy wheels and all.

I assumed she had bought a new car and was going to give me her old crappy car but she gave me the keys and told me to “drive your car home”!

It had some rust spots but, overall, was in great condition for a 1970 and it had a lot of work done to it.

I loved that car and one of my best memories is driving it from Boyle County High School to Denny’s- while still in my graduation gown- realizing that I graduated and had finally become a man.

I also blasted Bob Segar and even had a CB installed.

Best. Car. Ever.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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