195 of 365

Sad enough to say but I’ve never had anyone who always believed in me- even my mom thought hated the fact that I was an atheist at 15 and never really thought I would be a successful adult.

She loved me- no doubt- but the way I was raised in a single parent household, in the projects, on welfare and food stamps PLUS the fact that my work ethic was terrible when I first graduated.

I quit more jobs in a year than most people ever even have!

I do believe, before she died, that she realized I did grow up to be a pretty awesome adult and believed in me as far as a husband, father and man.

I think she got to live long enough to realize that I would be good from this point on…she while she didn’t “always” believe in me…I think she did at the end.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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