Day 9

I officially made it to Day 9!

I killed last week- cardio 6 days with weights on Mon/Wed/Fri and I ate perfectly and dropped 8 lbs.

Saturday was a bit rough and I did have a little too much Sharketo friendly foods but I probably still had less than 30g of carb so I did pretty well. Sunday was much better and now I’m going into week 2 still down and ready to kill another week.

6 days of cardio and 3 days of weights.

Saturday coming up is July 20th so we are going to see the new Lion King and then having a little get together so hopefully the amazing smell of popcorn doesn’t throw me off.

I can feel that I’m back into ketosis because the cravings have died down a lot and I have more energy and just feel more motivated and ready to go.

I still have a long way to go over the next 5.5 months but I got a goal and I really need to get there.

We also “discovered” a new Sharketo friendly drink- the wife tried it and came home and we made our version and then I took it a step farther and came up with “Sharks Blood” that I’ll be posting soon- super easy to make and delicious! (however, it does have some of that unfriendly Sharketo sugar subs that some folks can’t handle.)

I’m in a pretty good place right now- still not great because I still feel a little “lost” as to who really gives a shit- you know.

I’m over 40 years old and we all do anyway so why not die fat and happy…of course, I’m not saying I’m not happy on Sharketo- just seems like I’m putting in a lot of work when the outcome (death) is the same either way.

Sure, maybe I’ll add a few more years and live a bit healthier but, the way our world is going, is that even something I really want?

And what’s a life without Oreo’s?

I’ve said it before- the last year has shown me that I can lose weight and maintain it and still balance out some “junk” food here and there- like Oreo’s- and still be able to get back on track and keep the weight off…the problem is- I wasn’t where I needed to be to start maintaining yet….

…I’m going to try to work my ass off for the next 5.5 months so that I can get to a good place to maintain…

…I think the kids call this “cutting season”….

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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