Performix Cookie

We found a Performix Protein Cookie and decided to try it out!

One of our local Big Lots is doing a massive renovation and they’ve actually added a little “keto section” with some MCT oil and other stuff- but since they are in the middle, a lot of stuff didn’t have prices.

I was trying to get through a rough Saturday and my wife saw these chocolate chip cookies and they only had 2g net carbs…but they didn’t have a price. I figured they were probably pretty expensive and those type of keto snacks usually don’t taste very good or are loaded with “bad” sugar substitutes. She checked and it wasn’t too bad and she insisted at least getting a price check. It does contain maltitol but that is in the sugar free chocolate chips and it would really only be a small handful of those- if that!

The lady looked it up in the system and said it was $1 and I couldn’t believe it- then it was 20% for their sale so it was roughly $.80 so I was just losing it!

We tried it in the car and the damn thing was SOOOO amazing that she went back in and bought them ALL!

We were so impressed with them that we looked them up to see if they had other flavors and they are basically $2.50 each if you get them from Wal-Mart or Amazon- so I’m not sure if Big Lots is just that cheap or they rang them up wrong. When we looked at the receipt it was rang up as the correct product so I have no clue.

I do know that, from this point on, I’ll be looking for them at every Big Lots we go to!

This thing was amazing- it’s more like a muffin top instead of a cookie but it had great texture and tasted great- for a protein cookie! It’s a great little mix of cake and cookie so it can satisfy both cravings!

It’s also pretty Sharketo friendly with 330 calories (more of a meal replacement type thing), 21g fat, 16g protein and only 2g net carbs!

The cookie really helped me make it through my cravings on Saturday and will be a great little treat on lower calorie days or to help me get through rough spots until I become fat adapted and won’t need them.

I was highly impressed and would give it a 9 out of 10!!!

The only negative thing is that it doesn’t taste like an amazing, sugar filled, warm chocolate chip cookie but it gets about as close as you are going to get without all that sugar and carbs!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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