Day 11

No one really cares about numbers but me…but- hey- this is for me anyways- so here we go-

11 days into Sharketo and I feel amazing and I’m down 10 lbs. This puts me back to my “official” start weight and back to where I was in March. All the screw ups from April-July have been erased now. I gained 30 lbs in March- which is insane but I went nuts and didn’t give a shit.

I still have to lose 30 lbs. in order to get back to where I was on March 1st!

I’ve got 166 days left to lose 90 lbs and I should be able to do it.

Last night was the FIRST night of the 11 that I didn’t have a Sharketo friendly snack after 6:30pm- I actually STOPPED eating after dinner last night and have had nothing since then. I was lying in bed last night and it hit me that I wasn’t eating anything AND I wasn’t even hungry- zero cravings last night.

NOW- I’m not dumb enough to know that cravings are gone for good- those are NEVER gone but I feel like I can fight any that creep up a little better at this point.

The overall goal is to go a little over 3 months with no screw ups- a little over 3 months of daily Sharketo and I should be “fat adapted” by then. This means you can have a “cheat day” here and there and, while it will through you out of keto- it won’t completely cause you to restart.

I actually have a planned cheat day for October 20th- the 16th anniversary of meeting my wife. (probably actually do it on October 19th since the 20th is on a Sunday.) I’ll enjoy what I want and not go crazy and then get right back on it Sunday with another cheat day probably around Christmas- depending on where my weight is.

I’m going to plan the cheat days out for 2020 and try to have one about every 3 months to help maintain the 200 lbs weight loss.

One of the hardest parts is finally over- I’m in full Sharktosis at this point and feel amazing with less cravings and more energy and I’m even getting back to looking forward to working out and how I feel afterwards.

My main problem right now is sleeping- I’ve had issues with snot/sneezing for about 20 years now and I’ve been told I’m allergic to dust but I’ve been to DRs and not gotten much help. My nose itches beyond belief and if I start sneezing, I usually sneeze about 50-75 times over an hour or two and it’s really hard, forceful sneezes and it just drains me and it’s usually around 2am-4am so I hardly get ANY sleep and that is not healthy and it’s really not good for weight loss.

I have tried different allergy pills, medicines and everything else I can think of with no relief and if I don’t figure something out with that- I may not make my goal by 01.01.2020- lack of sleep can literally STOP weight loss- no matter what you do.

I am still on track to be around 235-240 lbs on 01.01.2019 and I need to hit 326 lbs by this Sunday to stay on track- that’s 4 lbs. over the next 4 days. I’ve worked in a 6 lbs cushion so that I can get as much as 6 lbs off track before I have to worry.


Love, Peace and Sharketo

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