Biggest Lie In Weight Loss

Let’s discuss the biggest lie in weight loss…and not just a lie but complete and total bullshit.

It doesn’t matter what you try to do to lose weight, you will always hear something like this- “it’s all simple math/science- if you burn more calories than you take in- you lose weight.”

It’s laughable bullshit honestly and that is coming from someone who has tried everything there is to lose weight (except surgery) over the last 20 years.

Take my last three days – I’ve eating perfectly and burned about 2,000 calories MORE per day then I’ve taken in. I’ve walked at least an hour each of those days, done 30 mins of cardio/boxing and weight lifting on Monday and Wednesday.

My calories and MACROS have been perfect so, based on math/science, I should be down about 2 lbs over the last 3 days- however- I’m exactly the same! I’m actually UP a few ounces but I’m just tracking the actual weight- not the ounces.

On paper, I’m the same exact weight…which shouldn’t be possible.

This is the point where people get frustrated and aggravated and usually give up- why put so much effort into tracking what I eat and put so much hard work and time in exercising to either stay the same or gain a few ounces- I could gain some ounces by eating Oreos and laying around watching TV.

This is why folks are always told to NOT weight yourself daily because weight can fluctuate by the hour- depending on what you’ve recently eaten and even water you’ve drank. Weight can change based on stress, sleep and a ton of other facts that ARE NOT simple math/science.

I’ve done this long enough and weighed myself daily to see the patterns and I know that if I just keep on track and keep working- the scale won’t stay on that number forever but even I get frustrated with the process. I’ve put A LOT of work and time in the last three days and stuck with the plan perfectly and to see the same number…morning after morning slows starts killing my motivation.

On top of that- the way the world is going, maybe just eating myself to death doesn’t sound all the bad. Why am I fighting so hard to lose weight and get healthy to live longer and see America fall farther and farther away from what it claims and started out to be?

I realize that I need to push through…today is day 12 and I’ve almost got 2 full weeks in without any screw ups and ONE day of struggling could reset me back to day 1 again and I just don’t have time to do that. I have goals and a timeframe and I need to stay focused on that.

Once I hit my goal by 01.01.2019 then I can focus on maintaining and worrying about the collapse of the world around me.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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