Day 13?

I rarely post two categories in ONE…wooo hooo!

This is going to deal some with weight loss and some with just shit that I got going on right now.

First- I almost made it through 12 full days of Sharketo but last night I broke. We went to the grocery store and fought off all the cravings and urges and BOOM…got home and we made it.

Then we realized we were out of toilet paper- it was almost like the universe was telling us to go ahead and have something bad just to prove we could handle it, so we headed back out and got some non-Sharketo friendly stuff such as Oreos and donuts.

I had a couple donuts, a couple Oreos, a couple Kit-Kat minis and some chocolate milk.

That was it.

Normally- I binge when I cheat with fast food multiple times and piles and piles of crap but this was about an hour mini-binge and now I’m right back on it.

I LOVE all the bad food too much and if I can string together 12 days, cheat hour, 12 days, cheat hour then I’ll be OK to get through it. I do understand that it probably knocked me out of ketosis and will make becoming fat adapted impossible if I continue that, HOWEVER- it was a nice little “hit” to get me through. I do realize I just made the next 3 days EXTREMELY HARD on myself and that’s fine- I got this.

Walking today, cardio/boxing and weights with a Sharketo friendly dinner and NO snacks after 6:30pm. Add an extra cardio/boxing workout tomorrow and work on making the next 12 days turn into maybe a streak of 15 days or longer.

Now…on to this weekend.

If you follow my stuff, you know that tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of when my mom passed away and we are going to see the new Lion King (since The Lion King has a special place in our relationship) but tonight we are watching The Lion King AND The Lion King 1 ½ to get ready and make it easier to compare the two.

Tomorrow we’ll watch the movie, I plan to hand out some Lion King cards to kids I see in the theater, then maybe some shopping and then donate some cards to a back to school project and then we are having a mini tie-dye party tomorrow night!

I’m also really thinking about doing something that is very “2019”…and that is removing my mom’s old Facebook profile- either deleting it (I have access to it) or removing it as a “friend”. I’m not worried about “remembering her” because she crosses my mind everyday but I think it’s time- after a year- to move on.

As an atheist, I view death differently than religious folks and I fully understand that she’s gone- she isn’t up in the clouds watching me masturbate and she’s not waiting on some broken down gates when I die…she is gone…and I think it’s time I take the step to quit holding on in that way.

As always- I’ll decide for myself sometime today or tomorrow and I couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks or feels about my decision.

Last night did NOT throw me off track- it was expected sooner or later and now I gotta prove to myself that I won’t let it turn into a 3 day binge and I gotta fight through it.

Tomorrow will NOT throw me off track- stress is a part of life and I can’t turn to food…so I’ll probably turn to shopping and debt! Woo hoo!

A year is enough time to mourn the death of someone because I’m smart enough to understand we are all going to die and when you are in the shape she was in…for so long…sometimes that is better.

A lot of shit in my head, lots of internal struggle to fight through this weekend but it’s a fight I saw coming and I’ll get through it.

Think I’ll hit up Jason’s Deli tomorrow and just load my body up with tons and tons of veggies. May go over my carb limit but it’s veggies…it will be FINE.

(NO popcorn….period….none….notta….NO….NO….NO….damn you smells!!!)

Love, Peace and Sharketo (and Sharkyness since this is more than just a weight loss post!)

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