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Well…now that I know low carb/high fat is actually healthy- I’ll go with hamburger (in general).

I’ve had a lot of success on keto and I’ve researched it and understand that it’s the way we should be eating- it’s the healthy way. Sure, some fruits and veggies are great but some are LOADED with sugar and shouldn’t really be considered “healthy.”

That is the problem I’ve had with keto…understand why I STOP- I love meat and the veggies you can have- I love the foods you can have on keto and it makes it a very sustainable way of eating but the craving for carbs and pastry type stuff just kills me!

We used to be big chicken people but chicken is too learn to eat all the time on keto and, honestly, I can’t stand chicken breast at this point- it’s usually tough and just chewy and yuck.

When we do chicken, it’s usually legs and dark meat- it’s got more fat and it just tastes better. I also love chicken wings as well.

The best keto food though, for me, is 80/20 beef! You can have a burger or cheese tacos or use it in TONS of recipes and it’s just yummy.

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