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Doing Sharketo has really taught me that I love pastries more than anything- cakes, muffins, cookies, pies and anything that you can basically find in a bakery.

I have no real problem fighting cravings against bread or rolls but you put me in the same room with some brownies and I will eventually lose my shit and you will eventually lose all of said brownies.

I also LOVE pizza and Italian food which is funny since I have a medial issue (not 100% clear of what it actually is) that usually acts up when I have that type of food…and others…and it puts me in extreme pain for about 2 days and I puke about every hour for 24 hours…so I have to stay away from that stuff…which sucks. Sometimes I can eat it and be FINE and other times I almost die.

So- I can’t have pastries because they are carb field death traps and I can’t have Italian food because it could also kill me….so I’m trying to make meat my favorite food because it’s Sharketo friendly and won’t kill me.

Mmmmmmmmmmm ….meat!!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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