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So- did you notice that you got deleted from my personal Facebook- unless you are my wife or son- you are no longer on my personal Facebook- it’s nothing personal- I’m just done wasting my life on that site.

I can’t delete it because it’s hooked into my “business” pages that I still use and linked to tons of other stuff that uses it to log in- funny how Facebook set that up…but it’s cool…I’ll keep it around, just not really use it for personal stuff.

This goes along with what I posted yesterday- no one really cares so I’m removing myself from the situation. I posted stuff all day long and the only person who ever really liked anything was my wife and she was usually with me when I posted the stuff- so she already knew/saw it…so why waste so much time of my life on that?

I’ll still be posting stuff as Sharky Hitchens- on that official Facebook page- I’m focusing on me more and really trying to pull away from Facebook in general- although it’s set up like a gang and you can’t ever really leave if you want any form of social media presence.

I may add folks back and jump back in 2020 but the rest of 2019 is going to be focused on me.

I do feel like I was missing out on some stuff because I wanted to put everything on Facebook for others to see…yet almost no one ever saw it (based on views) and almost no one really interacted with me much on there….so why miss out on life?

If anyone gives a shit- there are still plenty of places that I’ll be posting weight loss updates, writing, photography, recipes and everything else I’m interested in but I’m going to focus on posting for ME….and no one else.

It’s time to find the inner shark and get back to #SharkMode.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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