219 of 365

All holidays are made up bullshit that are used to make a ton of money and give us something different to focus on for a day or two.

There isn’t a single holiday that has any “meaning” to me but I do LOVE Fall and all of the holidays that are included!

My fall starts on September first- my son’s birthday is September 15th and then we have Halloween, SharketoGiving and Xmas! You can include a ton of other holidays in there too like the Winter Solstice and Kwanzaa.

FALL is just one big holiday for me- from September 1st to December 26th- I love the weather and all the colors of nature changing. I love driving to work in the dark and I love that it gets dark early so you have more time to set out by the far and look at the stars and just enjoy life.

FALL is the perfect time of year and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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