220 of 365

There isn’t a “perfect day” for me because there are so many different types of days that I love.

I love having a “date day” with my wife- taking the day off from work while our son is in school and just having a day to go out to eat and shop and just spending the day with her.

I love Saturdays when she works because I get a day to work with Commons4Kids- sorting trading cards, getting my “man cave” fixed up or just playing video games.

I love weekends when my wife, son and I can load up and head to Cincinnati and donate trading cards to kids and then spend the day just having fun.

I love Fall days when the wind is playing the leaves all over the place and I love setting at our kitchen table and watching the snow fall outside. I love setting in my cubicle at work and watching Spring thunderstorms go from one side of our giant window to the other.

I love every week day when my wife walks through the door- getting home from work, making dinner together and talking about our day.

Every day is a perfect day really.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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