Weight loss is MIA for a while?

YES and NO.

I’m as tired as you are…believe me. I’m tired of coming here and writing the same shit and failing day after day, week after week and month after month.

Yesterday was day one and it was rough but I got through it…today already seems better but I’ve had so many great FIRST and SECOND days only to go back to the binging and giving up. I’m not too motivated that this will last but I’m not giving up.

I wanted to show the actual weight loss journey of a fat guy trying to change his life without surgery but I didn’t realize I would fail this much and that week by week would basically just be a re-do…over and over.

I think, if you go back and read all the stuff I’ve written- you will get a general understanding of my day to day life at the moment. I’m still going to write about weight loss but I think I’m going to hold off until I actually start being successful again.

My day to day weight loss stuff (and other short posts) are going to be on my Sharky Hitchens Facebook with long posts here. More writing and stuff here and more day to day stuff over there. (And on Twitter- I love Twitter but just can’t seem to get it going over there!)

I have a lot of shit in my head and I need a place I can post several times a day and then save for those once a day, longer, more thoughtful posts.

Right now- the weight loss struggle is the same every single day and I can only write about how much I’m sucking so many times before it gets really old.

Give me a few weeks and then I’ll post something about how my clothes are starting to fit again and how I feel so much better and finally going back in the right direction.

Sharketo is a way of life- always adapting for today to try to make life the best it can be- not just food and exercise but everything together.

Sharketo is MY way of life- it’s doing what makes me happiest and it’s my main focus. I know, when I get fully into Sharketo- I feel FUCKING AMAZING but when I’m not following my own plan- I feel like totally shit- both physically and mentally.

Sharketo isn’t just weight loss…it’s a way of life that I want to follow all day-every day! (ADED)

I feel my best when I’m doing it- all of it- food, exercise, boxing, happiness, video games, writing, photography and everything else that goes into Sharketo.

So- I’m going to attack day 2 (again) and work on making this way of life ADED for myself and then I can focus on writing about my success and not my repeat failures.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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