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I plan to write more and more here and it’s your choice to LIKE or FOLLOW me- not mine.

Some of the stuff may get repetitive and I’m fine with that as well- I’m not here for you to agree with- I’m here to write- my (and only mine) thoughts, opinions, feelings and ideas about the world around me.

A conversation about issues would be amazing but not required.

I wrote so much stuff on my personal Facebook and I always had people asking “can you make this public so I can share it” and I had my personal account private for a reason- so I basically deleted my private account and exchanged it for this public one- so that everything I write is now public and shareable.

I did that because I’m tired of reaching that same handful of people- people who already understood the reality around us and were filled with common sense or those that were just too hard headed to understand life in general and continue to follow fairy tales and support hate and everything that goes against humanity in general.

Many of you set in front of FauxNews and just soak up the bullshit as if it’s reality- you live in a little bubble where that IS your reality because you’re just ignorant enough to believe the outrageous.

If Conservatives, Republicans or your klan buddies told you 2+2=5, you would believe it without question- the same goes for your pastors- the ones passing those money buckets around every Sunday and Wednesday.

Get your news from multiple sources- so you get the complete picture and understand what is going on around you- not just in your little bubble of ignorance. Don’t believe anything until YOU do the research for yourself.

Call people out when they are wrong- that means factually wrong or just on the wrong side of humanity in general.

Stop accepting mass shootings and a president spitting hate as normal, because they are not. Stop accepting Uncle Billy Bob even though he’s a racist piece of shit.

Call people out.

Speak out.

Let the world know that we are NOT all the same- there are still many of us (actually the majority) who believe in America (what it should be) and humanity. Those of us fighting to actually make America great are the true patriots- those of us fighting to make America was it was supposed to be are the real American’s while millions of people claim to be what they aren’t and attack others when they show what America could become- “a land of the free, home of the brave”…a place where “everyone is created equal.”

All of this around us is about humanity- not a skin color or sexual preferences. It’s not about being proud of where you were born or HOW you were born but it’s about accepting humanity in general- ALL of humanity.

It’s about being ONE people. ONE nation. ONE race.

There is no reason for people to starve while others literally throw away food. There is no reason for one person to live in a war torn country while we have “Pikachu Face” every time a terrorist attacks our country- this is the daily life of some people in this world.

We are devastated that our children have to live in fear of another mass shooting while millions of kids around the world live in fear of having bombs dropped on them, getting blown up, being sexually abused or just starving to death. We don’t want our kids going through life in fear but we should worry just as much about all of the kids- even those brown ones in cages.

If you think this country is (or ever was) great- then you don’t see reality and you don’t know our history. Sure, it’s better than most places but it’s not even close to what it claims to be and no matter how many steps forward we take, so many of us still want to drag us in the wrong direction.

Now is the time to pay attention and not find humor in being ignorant of the world around you- you can’t just set back and ignore reality and live in your own little bubble any longer.

“Oh, I don’t know anything about that stuff…I just enjoy my little house/town, etc” is no longer an option.

In this day and age, with all the knowledge of the world right in your hand- you no longer have an excuse to not worry about the rest of humanity.

We can no longer be Americans; it’s time for us to be humans.

Make The World Great…for the first time.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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