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Danville, KY. Crescent Drive. The Projects.

I remember growing up in “the projects” but I don’t remember much about my childhood kitchen because I didn’t spend much time in there.

We didn’t have a kitchen table because we ate every meal on the couch, in front of the TV. I grew up in a single parent household and that was family time basically.

I remember it was cold linoleum and I remember the layout but that wouldn’t mean much to you- it did have a little “laundry room” off to the side, sort of behind the back door.

I remember roaches running all over the place when you turned the light on in the middle of the night- no matter how clean you kept it or how many roach motels- it all depended on who lives around you because- if they had roaches, YOU had roaches.

I remember running out the back door and letting the screen door slammed. Crescent Drive is a circle and we lived on the inside of the circle so the middle of the apartments was a field type area with a tree and we would play baseball, using said tree as first base.

Project kids don’t really care about kitchens.

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