Don’t Pay 4 BS

One of the biggest issues I’ve always had with weight loss is that so many people try to make it an “industry” and try to make a quick buck selling bullshit.

I will NEVER try to sell you anything to help you lose weight- no plans, routines or any bullshit like that.

I’ll never post shit like “I’m losing weight and you can too! Just DM me and I’ll get you started…” because that is the way bullshit starts and it usually ends with you spending money.

I post what I do- along with my many, MANY struggles on my website. I post what I eat, recipes and the exercise I’m doing and product reviews- products that I’ve actually TRIED and have no affiliation with.

I am an “affiliate” for KetoCrate- sort of- and I do reviews from time to time on them but the reviews are honest and I don’t give a shit if you buy it or not- it’s simply what I think of it. I have NOTHING to make from that.

People who try to sell you weight loss- either through plans, routines, pills, shakes or just bullshit motivation aren’t really trying to help people- except themselves.

I’m not talking about people who actually PROVIDE something either- like a trainer or gym or even things like multivitamins and stuff. I’m talking about how every “social influencer” wants you to DM them for this magic bullshit they have.

When you see that bullshit- here is what it actually means- “so, I got suckered into this bullshit and I’m trying to sucker you into it with me so I don’t look stupid as shit and I don’t lose as much of MY money.”

Weight loss is based on the individual- which is what Sharketo is all about and there is nothing to buy on Sharketo.

I have Sharketo 101 here for you and I post updates all the time on what I’m doing- successful or not! I share what I’m doing and things I find and I do that for FREE because I truly want to help people who have been/are currently in my situation.

Being fat is pure hell.

That “healthy at any size” is even MORE bullshit- you may love yourself being fat and that is fine but you aren’t healthy. People like Tess Holiday do way more damage than good.

Being fat is NOT healthy. Being fat is NOT fun. Being fat is MISERABLE.

Self-love is great but self-honesty is even better.

The research you need is out there for FREE, take the time to learn and educate yourself and don’t pay anyone for bullshit.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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