Wal-Marts Double Standard

I love hardcore rap music and have since I was a kid- probably 4th grade. I got bootleg stuff from friends when I could and then I started buying my own music but it was extremely hard to get rap CDs in a small town in Kentucky and that was thanks to Wal-Mart.

For a while, we had a local record store that sold CDs that had the evil cursing but since they had a monopoly on it, those CDs were very expensive- so I had to be picky with what I bought.

I also saved up money for our annual trip to the big city of Lexington, Kentucky where I could spend hours in Best Buy or Disc Jockey, trying to find the right CDs that deserved my hard earned money..

Hardcore rap was so vulgar and hard to get because the Christian, Wholesome, Family Loving Wal-Mart refused to sell it on their shelfs!

I didn’t just love hardcore rap though- I loved ALL music and you could get other CDs at Wal-Mart and they were pretty cheap as well.

Two CDs jump out right now though…two CDs that I got from Wal-Mart with no problems what so ever.

Green Day – Dookie
Offspring – Smash

(Is that is lots of literal shit on the cover…the cover that Wal-Mart proudly put on the end cap to promote back in the 90s.)

Man…those were great CDs but I never understood why I could get them at Wal-Mart- the store that refused to sell non-family friendly CDs with mean ol’ curse words.

I would listen as Billie Joe Armstrong sing about whores and masturbation and mass murder.

In “Having A Blast” he sung – “I’m taking all of you down with me, explosives duct taped to my spine, nothing’s going to change my mind”. The song even said “no one is getting out of here alive.”

WOW…but he didn’t use any curse words, so I guess that is family friendly.

BUT WAIT….Longview came on and Billie started screaming- “when masturbation’s lost it’s fun, you’re fucking lonely…”

HE SAID IT….he said fuck on a CD I bought at Wal-Mart. I was doing the Pikachu face before the Pikachu face was a meme.

How is this possible?

Offspring also said words like “I’m not a trendy asshole, I don’t give a fuck!”

You see…Wal-Mart refused to sell rap CDs because, at the time, white folks thought that rap was causing all of the violence in our world and it was the steps Wal-Mart choose to take to help product us from the bad people.

The claimed they wouldn’t sell CDs with vulgar language but they did- next to movies like Rambo and actual shotguns and ammo. (That rhymed…like in a violent rap song.)

But you couldn’t hear Dr. Dre say fuck and that kept us all safe. They did something very little and that went along with the ignorance, of that time, to try to show that they cared while still making money off of that violent stuff they claimed to be so against.

Here we are in 2019 and tons of people were just killed in an El Paso, Texas Wal-Mart and some idiot was arrested at a Missouri Wal-Mart with a bulletproof vest, guns and ammo so it’s time for Wal-Mart to do something MAJOR to protect its customers and employees and they are doing JUST that!

Stop selling guns…knives…ammo???

HELL NO! There is BIG money in that. They put those things in big flashy rotating cases that jump out at you as you pass the hunting section to get to electronics.

Are they upping security so that a guy in a bulletproof vest and tons of guns and ammo doesn’t just walk in, get a cart and walk around filming?

Of course not- that’s stupid.

NOPE- they are removing all violent video game images- like those little cardboard signs that say “Call of Duty”.

That has always been the problem- some guy sees a man holding a gun on a video game image and he loses his shit and kills random people- happens all the time.

Well…I mean, based on tons of research, reality and just plan common sense- we know that isn’t true but Wal-Mart thinks we are all stupid.

Violence has always been used as a form of entertainment for humans- gladiators would fight to the death- the problem is- they didn’t respawn like we do now- in video games. Video games didn’t create or cause the violence- but they give us a way to be entertained without actually killing humans.

Wal-Mart understands that video games are going digital- you can see it in their stores- less actual games and more digital cards (which aren’t really needed to download a game) – they understand that video games being bought in an actual brick store is dying so they are jumping on board with the ignorance that video games causes violence so they can both look like they are doing something and try to put a positive spin on the dying in-store video game market.

“Hey guys…look….we care….we are removing violent video game stuff and may even stop selling them in the near future.”

Wow…Wal-Mart is so family friendly and really cares about humanity!

Wal-Mart is just a part of the ignorance and double standard that keeps our country in an endless loop of violence- always trying to do as little as possible to “change” while still keeping the money flowing and ignoring the actual problem.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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