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That is a hard one- I didn’t really like any high school teachers. I was the loser kid that barely passed with Ds and sat in the back of the glass and those kids don’t really make friends with the teachers.

In my high school- the teachers were friends with the jocks or the rich kids because most of them were pretty shitty.

Now…I don’t know how my favorite teacher was but I can tell you the teacher I hated more than the others- good old Coach Burke.

A fuzz-ball headed piece of shit that stood in the parking lot, trying to direct traffic like he was the shit. I believe he was also the soccer coach but he “taught” math- if that’s what you call it.

He didn’t like me and I didn’t like him. I didn’t need his class to graduate so I slept through it and he wouldn’t even both to hand me a test. He told me that I would end up working at McDonalds- selling fries.

Funny story- several years after graduating- I worked at the McDonalds inside Wal-Mart and he came through the line…but HA…joke was on him- I was making the damn burgers son…I had been promoted from fries so it was nice to prove him wrong.

Others that TIED for most hate teachers- Bob Rowland (Jesus what a piece of shit) and the guy that is now the Boyle County Schools Superintendent Mike LaFavers- he was the golf coach and let me tell you- that was one shitty teacher that did not give a SHIT about his students.)

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