I feel like shit- been up all night sneezing, snots, coughing- got very little sleep and I’m aggravated today and “on edge” with every single person and action that I come across.

With all that said- today is the first day of our “schedule”- which should be our normal/base schedule for at least a few months with several tweaks here and there but, for the most part, this is what we are going to be following.

My son is going to have school 5 days a week with after school band practice 4 days a week until 6pm and the one day he doesn’t have it- my wife usually works late.

SO- this gives me plenty of time to get my workout in on weekdays.

Some weekends he’ll either have practice or a band competition so those days are going to be set up doing different stuff.

It’s going to take a lot to get into this schedule but if I could do it, I would finally be successful at something.

It doesn’t help that I feel so damn bad- but this schedule is something I need to start following no matter what I feel like- I need to stop getting into- “I feel bad, I’ll start all this later- when I feel better” because I NEVER fucking feel better!


This is it though- the moment I’ve been waiting for- it’s hard to start a schedule during the summer with so much random shit going on but now we are falling into something and I need to run with it.

Motivation and inspiration isn’t needed…it’s daily life and it just needs to get done- regardless.

I’ve been writing way more- got my art/coloring stuff all together last night and did that while watching Summerslam and worked on my office area and cards a lot yesterday.

I need to do MORE of all of that…PLUS…with this giant new “No Man’s Sky” update coming- it’s time to finally really get into that game. I tried when it first came out and I couldn’t even get me ship off the ground.

SO….my days should be PACKED! Just need to focus on keeping the food Sharketo friendly and it should be on autopilot from this point on…for awhile.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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