Writing Gooder

What am I really good at- writing.

I mean, I don’t really write good but I’m good at it- like, the grammar could be way gooder but I think I tell stories pretty well and get my point across.

That is what I want to do…so that is what I’ve been doing.

I know people are reading it because it’s MY website and I have analytics and I know where folks are coming from- which state, which country and I know what browser they are using and tons and tons of stuff about that.

I see that little arrow going up based on views (probably Russian hackers) but it’s going up and what I’m writing isn’t based on trying to get “friends” to like it on Facebook and shit- it’s just writing what I want to write and what’s in my head and I’m enjoying that pretty well.

Wrote about my excitement on “No Man’s Sky” over on Sharkfin Gaming but I doubt you saw it. Wrote about my love of trading cards over on Commons4Kids.org. Wrote about how shitty our Russian President is and I’m enjoying just writing.

I’m enjoying trying to make Sharky Hitchens a brand.

I got told yesterday that I had a fan on YouTube- that meant a lot since I haven’t made a YouTube video in about 3 months. I was talking to a guy (from Instagram) and he said his son was impressed the HE actually knew ME!

He was probably just being nice but it was really cool. I was only getting about 30-40 views per video, which isn’t bad for a middle aged, fat guy from Kentucky….so hell- I may go back to it.

I did like making stupid videos but I LOVE writing- it’s just what’s in me and my mind tells me to do it- literally ALL DAY-EVERY DAY!

I want to embrace that and just do it- long stuff here and short stuff over on Facebook (Sharky Hitchens in case you were an idiot and wasn’t sure.)

I wanted to be a writer when I was in high school and I was told to “write for your audience” and I think that was the WORST advice I ever got! I spent decades trying to write stuff that would get me likes/comments and then it crushed me when it went unnoticed.

Write for YOU. Write what YOU like writing about- stories or just opinions….just do what makes you happy and don’t worry about anyone else around you- don’t worry if they like it, hate it or even notice it- just get it OUT there.

Love, Peace and Sharkness

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