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Nope- gender roles are stupid. I shouldn’t, but I assume this questions is basically stuff like the guy works while the wife stays home and takes care of the kids?

Or the wife does all the cleaning….sam’ich making and stuff like that?

That was ignorant then and its ignorant now.

I believe in 100% equality- of course, that always gets me in trouble because most people believe in partial equality. People want everyone to be equal until it comes to taking a punch.

And…NO…I would never hit “a girl” but the fact that you just let your jaw drop when I even mentioned hitting a girl shows that you are probably one of those people that talk about equality but aren’t ACTUALLY for “equality.”

You are one of those folks that believe in equality but also things like “girls night” or “girls only gyms” or “girls getting in clubs free”.

I’m NOT one of those people…I’m actually for EQUALITY…the good and the bad and that complete removes any idea of gender roles.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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