Democracy…what a wonderful phrase…it means no worries, for the rest….


That’s not right.

Democracy is pretty good, but let’s be honest- it’s full of worries and sometimes democracy fails humanity.

I would like to give a HUGE shout out to the Fayette County Public Schools solution to an un-American state law that we got forced on us- the one where EVERY publicly funded schools has to proudly (and in a prominent place) display “In God We Trust”!

You know- the “motto” we adapted to prove we weren’t no damn commies!!! You ‘member, back in 1956…long after our forefathers were dead.

You KNOW- the one that directly goes against the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment!

YOU KNOW DAMN IT- the “motto” that literally goes against EVERYTHING our country was actually founded on….

YEA- that one!

Fayette County Public Schools decided to do this by hanging up oversized dollar bills- they saved a lot of money for stuff like, I don’t know, educating kids and all that non-sense PLUS they made a pretty awesome point.

Not this one… this is how it SHOULD look

Now- this angered the “lawmaker” that sponsored this non-sense but his name isn’t important because he is clearly un-American. He thinks it’s super sad that someone used a loophole to keep him from forcing HIS specific religion on the kids of OTHER people who may/may not believe in the same god he believes in- FYI- there are over 2,000 gods to choose from.

You see, he stated that this is wrong because the MAJORITY of idiots in Frankfort, KY voted on this and we live in a democracy DAMN IT!! Majority Rules!! (Unless it’s a presidential election—I mean, that would be idiotic to let majority rule there.) (I mean…if that were true and we were a true democracy, there would be a Clinton in the White House…by roughly 3 million votes.) (OK…I’m going to stop with the ( )because this isn’t proper writing stuff but…I’m saying…Clinton got 48.2% of the vote compared to Trumps 46.1%…and 3 million more votes…so…yeah.)

I know I’ve lost some of the Trump folks because they are in the back, yelling about “Roll Tide”…I think they are talking about the Electoral College and I’m not getting into that- that is an ENTIRELY different post.

Let’s simplify it for those folks.

Pretend we have a country of 100 people.

49 of those people are African Americans and 51 of those people are something else.

One of those 51 “other” folks believe we should make all African Americans slaves- but…this is a DEMOCRACY- so we’ll be fair and vote on it.

Votes come in and democracy wins- African Americans are now slaves based on a 51 to 49 vote! Woo Hoo ‘Merica!

I do understand it’s not really like that- it’s more like the vote was 22 to 18 because 60 of the people just couldn’t be bothered, or didn’t want to get involved, or didn’t understand politics or didn’t like the choices or felt that- since they weren’t African Americans- why bother…I mean, there is NO way something like that would pass….right? RIGHT????

Those of us with common sense know slavery is wrong but that doesn’t change anything because they voted on it.

Back to what I was actually talking about- now that we have the Trump folks on the same page…I mean, close enough to actually get the point.

Our country was NOT founded on Christianity- if you know reality, history and those really old documents then you know that is fact- it’s founded on “freedom of religion”- which includes all of them or none of them…or even your made up combination of them.

Promoting Christianity in a public building that ALL of our taxes pay for is un-American, against everything this country is SUPPOSED to be and flat out illegal…even if a majority of idiots voted on it.

Just because a majority of people vote on something doesn’t make it right and that is sort of why we have the Electoral College but that is just a clusterf….(NO…keep it clean!)…it’s just a mess I don’t want to get into.

In closing- thanks to Fayette County Public Schools for understanding that and making a point to try to show the rest of Kentucky…I doubt it worked because we are 38th when it comes to overall education and 43rd when it comes to higher education.

Maybe if our Kentucky folks worried more about forcing education and less about forcing religion- we could change that.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

(Any gramnar errors above are the result of said Kentucky education.)

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