The Human Origin Story

First- let me state clearly that Iowa Rep. Steve King is an idiot.

Second- I would like to state clearly that Iowa Rep. Steve King isn’t wrong.

People went nuts when Steven King basically said that we wouldn’t exist without rape and incest and he’s exactly right- if you believe in the story Christianity tells us and he’s a Conservative Republican so I’m guessing that is the story he believes. It should also be noted that he was talking to a Conservative group at the time.

When you ask most Christians how many kids Adam and Eve had- they will happily tell you two- DUH- Cane and Abel. Some Christians may even throw in Seth; but what about Awan and Azura or all of the other kids that aren’t talked about…I mean…doesn’t the Bible say they lived over 930 years! How many of those were child birthing years?

She could have had hundreds of babies!!!

I know that is insane but we are talking about the Bible here…so let’s go with the thought that a year in their time isn’t equal to a year in our time so they probably lived a normal 40 years or so- life expectancy was super low thanks to all the dinosaurs running around and accidentally stepping on folks. (I’m from Kentucky…we have the ARK…fight me!)

I have even read that some people believe Adam and Eve had 7 kids- a mix of boys and girls.


So here comes what Steve(no N) King was talking about- without incest, humanity dies and these story (which seems to be SO well documented) just ends and dinosaurs rule the earth.


It’s as simple as that- nothing to even discuss. While Steve King is an idiot he isn’t wrong. Like it or not, if you believe in the Bible…we are all born of incest. If you follow our family trees-eventually those branches will stop forking and just be one big ol’ stump.

ALSO…rape was really popular in the Bible- even if someone’s father got paid 50 pieces of silver- it’s still rape.

There is NOTHING better to me than Christians losing it over someone stating exactly what their Bible states.

It’s like they don’t even know what’s in that book but claim they believe it and then are left with “Pikachu Face” when someone actually promotes what’s in it because it’s so f’ed up and goes against our current society so much it’s considered immoral.

Read that book guys…it’s all in there.

In closing- I shouldn’t have to say this but I’m against rape and incest but, as an atheist, I don’t believe that origin story anyway.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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