Let’s get this out of the way #SharkMode > #BeastMode.

Seriously…Beast Mode?? What beast…I mean, technically, mice are beast so that is just stupid. You could lay around in mud all day and be in Beast Mode (pig) or you could stand around all day and eat peanuts and be in Beast Mode (elephant).

Beast Mode isn’t just stupid- it’s dead.

You wear a #BeastMode t-shirt and I’m going to make fun of you.

The goal we all need to strive for is #SharkMode.

Most sharks never stop swimming or they will die. Sharks don’t come up on land and bother anyone- they just swim around and do their own thing but if your dumb ass hops in the ocean then they will rip you apart. They are considered the largest predatory fish in the ocean.

Sharks don’t give a fuck what day of the week it is, they don’t come up with shitty excuses- they just do shark shit all day long….they just ARE sharks- period.

No thinking about it- not fucking around…the just Do. Shark. Shit!

That is what I’m trying to get into- just get up and Do. Shark. Shit. And have all the stuff that I need to do to be amazing just basically happen naturally.

Yesterday was the first successful day in a while and I really got that #SharkMode feeling because I fought off bullshit attacks all damn day.

Early yesterday morning my body told me I needed some Butterfingers and a Big Mac and I sat at work- all day long- thinking of that shit and fighting off cravings. For a binge eater, there is “always tomorrow”- you can just have all the food TODAY and do better tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes. I told myself I could go through the drive thru because no one would be home when I got there so no one would know.

Something clicked and I said “enough” and I started hyping myself up for Sharketo friendly food that I had at home- this shit is a daily battle but I won yesterday. I drove right past McDonalds and went home and had a Sharketo snack of pepperoni’s and got in a workout and I did NOT give in last night either. I didn’t get my full 20/4 fasting in but I kept it all Sharketo friendly and that’s a start.

If I can win the battle over the next few days and then hit Monday with full workouts then I think I’ll be good for a while.

#SharkMode is about being a big bad M’F’er and doing all the shit that other people won’t. It’s about facing all the bullshit and ripping it apart and not letting anything stand in your way. It’s about swimming full blast into ANYTHING the world throws at you with no fear.

Add that to the list- DSS – Do. Shark. Shit.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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