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Media as in “news” or media as in the music, TV, movies and video games I enjoy?

Either way- violence is a part of who we are and it’s been there since cave men were hitting their wives over the head with clubs (I watched The Flintstones.)

Violence is a part of human nature- always has been and, sadly, always will be.

Media (as far as entertainment) didn’t create violence and if you only consumed non-violent material- humanity would still be violent.

Media (as far as the news) doesn’t create the violence- they simply show it and the world hasn’t gotten MORE violent- we are just now seeing more of it.

Lynching’s weren’t exactly covered on MSNBC or FauxNews and if they were- you would have gotten two completely different sides.

Violent is always going to be there because it’s a part of our DNA and you can blame either form of media all you want and nothing will every really change.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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