Good Day

Day 2 of actually trying (rather I care or not) went pretty well with NO screw ups and I got some exercise in before I stood in my garage- with the door up- and watched a pretty awesome storm go through.

My wife thinks I’m an idiot but that has sort of always been a childhood dream- I always thought it was cool, when we drove through a neighborhood, to see folks in their garage with the door up.

I never had a garage- I basically grew up in the projects- so having a garage meant you had a house and it just seemed cool to have this huge room with a wall missing- you know- just let fresh air and random cats come in and say hi to you.

I love setting outside, getting the fire pit going and roasting hot dogs…I’ve even started to love grilling and I’m getting decent at it.

Yesterday was a pretty good day of fasting, eating healthy, exercising, watching the storm and working on some cards.

I started on Monday back up to 352 lbs…..then 351 lbs yesterday and 348 lbs today so I’m starting to already get back into the groove with fasting today- then bike, boxing and Wednesday weights.

Having steak and eggs for dinner and then working on some cards and maybe playing some video games.

This weekend is going to be extremely hectic because it’s our sons first high school marching band performance (he’s still in middle school) – so that is new and we have no clue what we are doing. Then next Friday is the first high school football game that he’ll be playing at so that is another first. Then we have about 2 months or so of just every weekend- band…band…band…but it’s awesome and I’m hoping to just jump in and enjoy it.

I feel like I’m back on track for one of those “good chunks” but the world usually likes to prove me wrong when I start thinking that.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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