234 of 365

My childhood.

I know my mom did the best should could but I’ll always be the poor fat kid that grew up in the projects- on welfare and food stamps.

It doesn’t matter how much better I do for myself or my son- that is always who I am and will always be.

I always got told (not from my mom but other family members) that I would probably grow up to be like my dad and I’ve done the exact opposite of that.

I’ve maintained a pretty decent job for 14 years and been with my amazing wife for almost 16 years and we have a 12 year old son that is mind blowing.

I work hard, take care of my family, there for my wife and son and have worked my way up from the projects to our own home, new(er) cars and just overall good people.

None of that matters really because I always feel like that kid.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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