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Let’s talk about a local lawsuit…at least it’s local for me.

Back in 2012, the Gay and Lesbian Service Organization tried to hire a company to print up shirts for the 5th Annual Lexington Pride Celebration; that company was “Hands On Originals.”

The owner, Blaine Adamson, refused based on his religious beliefs- he’s a Christian and since the Old Testament of the Bible claims homosexuality is a sin- Blaine (I don’t believe he deserves the respect of Mr.) believes that printing a shirt for a LGBTQ+ organization will either make him gay and/or a sinner.

The Lexington-Fayette County Human Rights Commission found that Hands On Originals discriminated against this group, however, the Kentucky Court of Appeals reversed that decision.

Today that case goes before the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Now- the first problem is that this case is from Kentucky and, if you live here, you know that it’s a state of mostly Christians who ignore laws and make most of their decisions based on their holy book- a book that should have NOTHING to do with actual laws.

We could go in so many different ways with this case but let’s just look at a couple things I have issues with.

The first issue I have is this- Blaine is basing his bigotry on the Old Testament of his book but I wonder if he follows ALL of the Old Testament…like the not eating shrimp, owning and beating his slaves, paying 50 pieces of silver to lay with young ladies or other things…like….Leviticus 18:19.

If you don’t know your Bible very well, this verse tells Christians to not mate different kinds of animals, not to plant fields with two kinds of seeds and “do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.”

On the Hands On Original page they sell several shirts, like their 50/50 Blended Short Sleeve Tee here….it’s cotton AND polyester. I don’t make shirts but those seem like too different kinds of material.

So it’s cool to follow one verse from Leviticus if it supports your bigotry towards a group of people but it’s also OK to ignore other verses from the same book- Leviticus 18:22. (We call this cherry-picking.)

We could end the discussion here because it’s clear that Blaine doesn’t care as much about actually following the Bible as we first thought.

Also- when you look up a picture of Blaine you see a guy with a nicely trimmed beard and short hair- as if he has never read Leviticus 19:27!

Now- I understand that could be taken out of context because they were talking about cutting shapes in your head/hair/beard to mourn the dead or to honor one of those pesky pagan gods but what if that was misinterpreted- better to be safe than sorry since Blaine wants to follow the Bible so closely. It would suck to show hate towards a group of folks and then get to those golden gates and not get in because your beard/hair wasn’t long enough!

OH….the humanity…or lack thereof.

I’m also not sure if Blaine has any kids but I hope they don’t have any female teachers!

Let’s put all the fairy tale aside and look at this issue through the lens of reality and common sense.

If a t-shirt maker doesn’t have to make a t-shirt for a person based on his beliefs- should a Muslim Kroger employee have to sell someone a pork chop?

Would a male Christian EMT have to perform mouth to mouth on another male or would a Christian firefighter have to save the house of an atheist?

Couldn’t we just claim any bigotry or hatred as being “against my religion” and just be able to treat people like shit whenever we wanted?

What happens if a member of the LGBTQ+ community, working at Wal-Mart, refused to sell a Bible because it literally tells Christians to kill them? Leviticus 20:13.

Here is how most Christians look at it-

RIGHT – “I don’t have to make you a shirt because I disagree with the image to be printed.”

WRONG – “I don’t have to sell you a Bible because it LITERALLY tells you that I ‘…shall surely be put to death.’”

The Kentucky Supreme Court will probably rule that this company doesn’t have to make the shirt that will surely turn Blaine gay (because it’s KENTUCKY) and that will start a “slippery slope” (thanks NRA for that great wording) to allow all of us to become assholes.

HA! Who am I kidding…it’s illegal to discriminate against Christians and they would probably stone me if I even tried.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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