Drama Sharllama

Yes. Everything has to be related to sharks in some way- it’s what makes the world go around.

So many people worry about the small stuff around them- it’s like they need to create drama in order to find a reason for living and I don’t understand that.

I focus on the BIG stuff and try to keep my inner circle drama free- why the hell would I want to bring drama INTO my little peaceful circle.

My marriage is amazing and I try to keep the drama out of it. The same goes for work- I have co-workers that just live for coming to work and gossiping or creating drama while I just set in my little cube and work away. I go for walks (alone) on breaks and lunch.

Nothing personal but I don’t want to walk with you or go to lunch with you or meet up for drinks on Friday after work…all of that stuff leads to drama.

What I do want to do is go home- work on Commons4Kids stuff, play video games and just be drama free.

The moment I tried to step out into the world and become a part of something, drama starts sipping in and I just don’t deal with it- there is no need for it.

So many people consider us “anti-social” but, the reality of it is, we are anti-drama…that’s it.

I watch news and worry about our president doing stupid shit at the border or getting us into a war, I worry about black folks getting shot in the streets, I worry about kids getting abused or the way we are killing every single resource we actually need to survive. I worry about why so many folks worry about what so many OTHER folks are doing that doesn’t even concern them.

I worry about actual issues while these folks are just creating drama to have something to focus on and it amazes me just how quick they can pull you into their bullshit; they make it their LIFE and it’s all they focus on every single day.

I don’t do drama.

I don’t do high school bullshit.

You can call it anti-social but I call it anti-ignorance and I’m fucking surrounded by it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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