My 2nd Job

I guess I’m becoming a “grumpy old man” but guess what- I don’t want to work at Kroger, Wal-Mart or Target as a second job.

I work a full time job- 5 days a week. My wife works a full time job as well and we have a son that will soon be a teenager and he’s in marching band and I run a full time international charity on top of all of that.

Guess what…I’m tired. We go and get groceries once a week, after work and doing everything else…we walk around and pick out all of our food and head to the check out with a cart full of stuff to see ONE register with a person and 20 “self-check outs”.

The one person has a huge line because none of us WANT to use the damn self-check outs for an entire buggy of groceries!

I do NOT work at Kroger.

I do NOT want to scan my entire buggy full of food and then bag it myself, I already did my job and now it’s their turn to do their job. I understand having self-check outs for quick items but not weekly groceries and I don’t want to pay YOUR employee to do my shopping for me because- I’m lazy- but not THAT lazy and they have no clue how to pick out good veggies.

On top of all of that- prices keep going UP! You stopped hiring people to actually work there and gave me a 2nd job with no benefits or discounts and still raise prices?

Do I get access to the break room at least? Am I in the running for employee of the month?

Here is the deal- if you have a ton of self-check outs instead of actual people and force me to work there- I’m parking in employee parking, I’m going to the back to find anything I may need that isn’t on the shelf and I’m going into the “employees only area” because…DAMN IT…I’m an employee!

So just tell me when our damn Christmas party is and who I have for Secret Santa???

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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