Tipping Is Stupid

Let me just drop this un-popular opinion and then you guys can “let me have it” in the comments- tipping is bullshit.

First- I’ll start by saying that I always tip- even though I disagree with it and I usually tip 18-20% and yet I HIGHLY disagree with it.

Second- restaurants should paid their employees minimum wage- at least; there shouldn’t be a lower minimum wage for servers and tipping shouldn’t be allowed. Period.

You have a job. You get paid “this” amount for doing your job. You do your job and you get that amount- just like every other profession in the world.

On top of all of that- you are ONLY bringing me a plate of food that you didn’t even cook- if the food taste amazing, that had nothing to do with you. I can honestly say that I rarely actually have “good” service because humanity is shitty- in general.

So you filled my drink up once….great….I mean- that is YOUR job- the one you get paid for. I have a job that I do daily- to the best of my ability- and I get paid for that job.

I just don’t understand it. We went to Baskin Robbins the other day and they had a little “tip” jar on the counter….seriously….I’m sure they get paid regular minimum wage (or higher) and you want a tip for putting a scoop of ice cream on a cone and handing it to me?

And who the hell decides who gets tipped?

The Wal-Mart cashier checked me out super-fast and was friendly and great- but have you ever tipped a Wal-Mart cashier? (This is a false statement, I understand…but let’s pretend.)

The waitress was bitchy, I had to ask for a drink refill and she messed our order up- here is an extra $5!!

Both were doing the job they were hired to do for the pay they AGREED to- right? Are servers kidnapped and then forced into labor at a much lower rate than minimum rage?

With all that said- why do I still tip when I’m so against it- social norm- and THAT is the problem. We do it and let restaurants gets away with it so they keep doing it. I just read a story on Yahoo News about a waitress that wasn’t left a tip so she chased the couple out of the restaurant to “thank them” when she should have been thanking her elected lawmakers and her employer for paying her so little and trying to guilt trip customers to make up the difference.

I still tip because I don’t want society to think I’m an asshole and these companies know you will do that so servers should boycott, strike and fight for a real minimum wage OR stop bitching about doing the job you applied for- knowing what the pay was- and stop chasing customers out of the restaurant because you agreed to do a shitty job for a shitty amount of money.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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