RealGood Cauliflower Pizza

Let’s talk about PIZZA.

Pizza is basically my favorite food of all time and it’s what I was raised on- a poor single mom raising a fat kid on welfare- pizza buffets were our best friend.

Then, about 20 years ago…pizza started making me sick so I didn’t eat it anymore; but then other foods started doing the same thing to me…and I mean SICK. Severe stomach aches, literally balled up in the floor crying/screaming, puking about every hour for 2 days…to the point of having nothing left and straining so hard to puke that my face breaks out with broken blood vessel/red blotchy stuff.

My wife and I did tons of research and we thought I was allergic to a type of Italian spice- mostly in Italian Sausage- called fennel seed. After more research and other foods, like spinach, making me sick as well- I’ve come to realize that I have gastroparesis and I have certain “trigger” foods so I have to be really careful about what I eat.

I know- what does all this have to do with a food review?

Well- I have to be really weird about pizza and it’s been hard to find a really amazing frozen pizza that I can trust due to trying to do Sharketo AND my health issue.

That journey has come to an end.

Now- we do make our own Hammerhead Dough (recipe in the recipe section) and that is perfect because we make it so I know what’s in it but that takes a long time and sometimes you just need a quick frozen pizza to throw into the oven- something easy YET makes you feel like you’re having a cheat day.

RealGood Pizza Co. has done just that and, literally, saved my life.

I had seen these stuff before but $6.99 for a frozen pizza seemed a bit insane since most pizza restaurants have bigger pizzas for cheaper…so we never got one.

Then my Keto Krate came and it had a coupon for a FREE RealGood Pizza- so we tried it and BOOM…I’ll pay $6.99 for this pizza any day of the week- in fact, we got groceries yesterday and bought another one!

I had tried their smaller pizza- the one with “chicken crust” and I was NOT a fan- too expensive, all the toppings slid off in the microwave and it was basically just pizza toppings on a boiled, flattened piece of chicken breast…BUT…this cauliflower crust pizza is LEGIT!

I didn’t have high expectations so I was even more blown away.

This was frozen pizza…just like I remember and, after comparing to other frozen pizzas, basically the same price.

It cooked beautifully and looked amazing.

The crust was a little floppy at first but quickly firmed up enough to pick it up and eat it like an actual piece of pizza. The cheese was amazing, the uncured pepperonis were perfect (and several of them) and, most importantly, it didn’t almost kill me!

The crust texture is “a little off” from regular pizza but not enough to be mussy or gross and it’s only 4 net carbs for HALF of the entire thing!

I can literally eat an entire frozen pizza for 8 net carbs!!! This is great because I’m trying to get back to one meal a day and this fits almost perfect.

My wife and I can make a big salad and have half of a pizza and it will be a perfect Sharketo dinner! It’s something I can cook and have ready because I get home from work before she does.

The pizza was amazing, delicious and as close to the carb loaded pizza as you can possibly get and well worth the money.

It’s FINTASTIC…without a doubt!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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