244 of 365

I was as a kid…mostly with my closest cousin. We tried to beat each other in having the most baseball cards or the longest hair…YES…longest year- the 80s/90s in Kentucky was a weird time.

As I grew up though, being competitive just seemed stupid to me…at least…I thought….until I went to my first high school football game on Friday night. Our son is in the band so we dropped him off and watched some of the game (we help them push the bigger equipment out for half time) and I realized that I’m very competitive when it comes to stuff like that.

The game was amazing- like an emotional roller-coaster- one that I didn’t really have any business being on. I was pulling for our local school- I guess because my son goes there and is a part of the marching band- but had no real “dog in the fight”.

It felt pretty awesome watching some local football and I really got pulled in and would have felt really bad if they would have lost.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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