90% Fail Rate

The thing about me is this- I never give up. I never stop getting back up and fighting.

I’ve spent 41 years on this planet- that’s 15,162 days and every one of them I’ve gotten up with the goal of being successful- yes, even as a wee little lad.

Today is day number 15,163 and it’s NO different than all the other- I’m going to murder it today…I’m going to be awesome.

Now, with that said, I’ve had about a 90% failure rate on doing this but those 10% of days, that I’ve been successful, have been amazing.

We’ve got a LOADED weekend and I like it that way- my weight problem has been the weekends- we go shopping and eat out and buy candy and crap and we do it almost EVERY weekend…well…thanks to band that isn’t an option for the next 2 months.

Saturdays have now become my fasting days- which is amazing- because they were always my hardest.

Here is an example- I’ll get up early Saturday morning and exercise (cardio/boxing) and then have a nice Sharketo breakfast and stop eating around 9am and I won’t eat again until 9am Sunday morning (or later). It won’t be an issue because I’ve done it before and Saturdays are going to be so busy with band stuff it’s crazy…and it’s just EXTRA exercise.

Tonight I’ll push a big heavy box around and I’ll do that about 6 times tomorrow and then I’m mowing on Sunday…so my “off days” are actually full of exercise without really being exercise.

Then Monday- back to my 5am routine of cardio and boxing in the morning- 10,000 steps during the day- cardio and boxing in the afternoons with weights on MWF.

My wife basically said I looked like the Stay Puft Mashmellow man this morning thanks to weight gain and water retention…I gotta bring sexy back!

This is going to be a hard routine but I need to do it and stick with it and I’ll be back under 300 lbs in a couple of months.

I’m going to be awesome today. I’m going to be awesome tomorrow…because awesome doesn’t stop.

Shark fins up boys….it’s time for #SharkMode!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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