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I try to be 100% honest and up front- so, for the sake of transparency, I’m issues a statement.

I’m officially restarting everything on Wednesday so I’m not really caring the next few days.

I was using a program called Go365 (through work insurance) that gave us money for doing tons of healthy stuff and I guess we were making TOO much money so our health insurance changed to something else. I took a survey and it picked out a plan called “Transform” for me to try out- I’ll have a health coach type thing and some help with motivation and all of that…but I’m still going to be doing Sharketo.

If Sharketo doesn’t fit the Transform plan- Transform will be going; Sharketo is 4 life!

They are sending me a fancy scale- I should get tomorrow- then my program officially starts on Sept 29th but I’m not waiting…I’m doing MY first weight in on Wednesday and it will be devastating and heart breaking but it will be what it is.

The scale is blue tooth so my weights will go directly to my coach so that is some help with accountability. Please understand that I am NOT paying for this- my work is. I’m a strong believer in weight loss being something YOU have to do and you can do it without a fancy trainer, health coach of bullshit pills/shakes.

This time of year is the HARDEST time to try to make changes and get back on track but if I attack it with everything I have and succeed…then once January rolls around it will be super easy!

If you know me- you may see me eating some bad stuff over the next two days but just know that Wednesday- it all changes back.

This should also guide me back to daily updates as well….this HAS to be my main goal in life for awhile.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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