I’m Fat…You Probably Are Too

People today are too soft…and that is coming from a liberal.

Bill Maher is “in trouble” because he spoke some truth about our health care system and our countries obesity problem. I watched the clip and he threw in some fat jokes- he’s a comedian- but he was 100% correct; everything he said was dead on.

Maybe people got so mad because he’s not a fat person so it felt like he was “body shaming” or making fun of fat people and…he sort of was- but the humor was built on reality.

I’ll start this off admitting to my double standard- I love fat girls. My wife is fat and about 99% of girls that I find attractive are chubby to fat. It’s my preference and I can’t really change that.

With that said- being fat is not healthy; all of that “healthy at any size” is bullshit.

Here is the deal- we live our own lives and if you are happy being fat- then you do you boo! Being body positive is a great thing and if you want to live your life fat or overweight and you have confidence then you should be allowed to do that- but when you start trying to make the world believe that being fat is healthy- that is where I draw the line.

I do understand that fat people hurt health insurance for everyone- from higher rates to using medical facilities based on their decisions and not emergencies. I also understand that living “the fat life” actually does hurt others around you but so does almost everything else we do.

A lot of medical bills are higher because some people can’t pay them so those of us who do pay have to pay more to cover some others- but that is a different issue. I realize our health insurance isn’t all based on fat people…it’s mostly greed but gluttony adds to it.

I have been fat my entire life. I was the fat kid in school that got picked on, was always chosen last and always last when we had to run that stupid mile. I was the fat teenager that didn’t have many friends and didn’t really go out and too much. I was the fat young adult that worked in fast food and probably ate more than I sold. I was the fat guy who found an amazing girl to love me regardless of being fat.

Then, in 2005 I lost a bunch of weight- 117 lbs to be exact.

I felt amazing…the best I had ever felt. I fully understood then that being fat wasn’t healthy because the more I lost the better I felt.

Then we found out my wife was pregnant and I tried to keep losing weight but failed. Her cravings became my dinner. Changing diapers led to no time to exercise or cook. I gained all that weight back and more and felt worse than I ever had.

I was then the fat dad who played with his son…but got winded really quickly. We built a snowman and that simple act wore me out.

I spent the next 11 years trying to lose weight again and failing…an ENTIRE decade.

Then, in 2018-2019, something hit me and I lost 140 lbs and BOOM….I felt 20 years younger! I was on top of the world and felt amazing.

Then my mom died and I started adding up excuses- I realized I faced depression and mood swings and that I was addicted to food- not just a fat guy that loves to eat- but honestly addicted. I was a guy that couldn’t control binge eating and I have now gained 50 lbs back and I feel like shit…flat out shit.

I feel terrible. I went from being able to jog up the stairs at work to having to stop to catch my breath. I went from exercising for an hour to barely being able to ride the bike for 5 minutes. Pains that had went away are back. I probably need my C-PAP again but I refuse to use it. The wheezing returned. The more bad stuff and sugar I eat, the more I crave it and the more I lose control.

If you like being fat…fine…be fat.

Stop trying to tell people that you are healthy because you aren’t- sure, maybe you aren’t at the point of dying but you sure as hell aren’t healthy.

Stop lying to yourself and getting mad when people say you are fat…fat isn’t a bad word and we’ve made it into that.

No one should be bullied or mistreated for the way they look but at the same time- stop trying to make this situation “normal.”

I’m a fat guy and basically always have been and I notice this epidemic becoming normal and it pisses me off.

I try not to go to buffets anymore because watching people fight over food is literally sickening.

I used to work at Burger King and I can tell you that what they now call a “small” drink was what we called “medium” back in the 90s.

I have no honest excuse to be this fat but I make up millions of them- I use food to cope and I give in to my addiction every time I face ANY stress. I tell myself that “I could NEVER make it through life without eating an Oreo again!” I’ve allowed bad food to become where my happiness lives.

I use food as a reward or prize for just facing daily life.

I’m putting my struggle out for the world to read about- I’m showing you the honest journey that most fat people fight through every single day.

I can eat a pizza and the entire time my mind is telling me to stop but I physically can’t.

I’m tired of tip toeing around the bullshit when it comes to being fat- I try to make a joke of it because that is what it is to me at this point.

While I have a ton of contributing factors to my struggle, I fully realize I’m not fighting as hard as I should be.

We are slowly becoming what the people were in the movie “Wall-E” and it’s becoming more normal every single day because of people like Tess Holiday.

Tess Holiday tells her fans this bullshit that she eats healthy and does all this exercise and, unless she has a medical condition, then she is full of shit…and if she has a medical condition then she shouldn’t be trying to make others think being fat is healthy because most fat people aren’t in her position- most fat people are in MY position and I know that because I know a lot of fat people.

People like Lizzo, who try to make being fat glamorous and it’s not. Lizzo is gorgeous and makes amazing music but she’s fat. Little girls should look up to her for her talent and confidence but she shouldn’t be a role model for fat girls to continue being fat.

I’m tired of people getting tears on their pizza because they are talking about how they can’t lose weight yet ordered an entire pizza for lunch.

I can’t lose weight because I fast during the day, get a lot of walking in and then eat everything I can find when I get home and then go buy more shit to eat on top of that. I’m fat because I eat WAY too much of BAD stuff….but…but…I fasted a few hours and walked a bunch…why ain’t I losing weight?

If you don’t have that problem- fine- my journey isn’t for you.

If you can’t admit to yourself why you are fat- my journey isn’t for you.

If you can’t admit that being 440 lbs is actually unhealthy- my journey isn’t for you.

If we are on the same page with this…then welcome to my journey- hopefully I can help you as much as I help myself.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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