268 of 365

I think I was strong for about 8 years, while my mom was sick.

I was told that she wouldn’t live past the weekend on several occasion. I got calls in the middle of the night to rush 1.5 hours away because she would live through the night. I had to learn to change the “trac” (sp?) that she had put in her throat.

I spent hundreds of Sundays sitting in a hospital room watching her slowly die.

I’ve had family members call me a bad son and everything else and they will NEVER know the stress I went through for 8 years. They have no idea of the stuff I went through, dealt with or did for my mom.

She knew and my wife knows and that is all that matters.

A lot of people get a call that their mom has died, or their mom gets sick and dies a few months later but I went through 8 years of torture watching her be tortured by COPD, Diabetes, live failure, constant pain and everything else she faced.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness


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