Getting Back

Yesterday was hard…but successful.

I’ve told people that I’m giving an honest journey here- even the embarrassing and sad parts.

Yesterday, I got home and hit the bike and did some boxing. I had Sharketo chili for dinner and then worked on some cards before playing Pokemon Go with my son….and something hit me. My wife works late on Wednesday nights and, lately, she gets home about 8:15pm and I find a reason for us to go to Wal-Mart or Kroger but the reason is usually just BS- I want to go so I can load up on sugar filled shit; that honestly became the highlight of my day. Last night, as I was sorting some trading cards- it hit me that I couldn’t do that and it actually ruined my entire mood- that is pathetic.

The thought of NOT being able to just go and buy all the bad food and binge myself into feeling like shit actually made me sad.

But…I got through it. I did eat a little more than I wanted but it was all Sharketo friendly and I stayed under 15g carbs. I got my walking, cardio and boxing in and caught 6 Giratinas- so a pretty damn successful day.

Stepped on the scale and I’m down 3 lbs…for a total of 78 lbs overall. Most people would be ecstatic to be down 78 lbs but it’s mostly just pisses me off because I was down 140 lbs and let it slip away. I can either say I’m still up 62 lbs or down 78 lbs…depending on the timeframe. I think it’s more positive to focus on how high I was and how far I’ve still come and not the negative aspect of it.

Started taking the steps again yesterday….starting walking again….and tonight is more cardio and boxing- health Sharketo meal and watching our son march in the homecoming parade!

Huge, busy, long, tiring weekend coming up but- hey…it all burns calories!

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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