Change In The Air

Big changes coming in November….I’m bringing back the YouTube videos and the Wednesday night streaming of really bad video gaming!

But WHY Shark???

Because being stupid makes me happy- I went back and watched some of my videos from earlier this year and laughed my ass off.

Most people won’t find my stuff funny but I do…hell, most people won’t even watch them so who the hell cares?

Plus- Sharky loves the kids and this is a way to show them that you CAN NOT be as bad at it as I am…so do what you love…do what makes you happy!

The Sharky Show will be airing on Sundays on the official Sharky Hitchens YouTube Channel—you can like and subscribe here….hell dislike for all I care!

Sharky’s Stream will be hitting you on Wednesday nights- come laugh at my bad gaming and learn what not to do. Probably on Twitch but not 100% sure yet.

Either way—I’m adding back more stuff that I loved doing and made me happy.

Enjoy it…or don’t…I don’t give a shit.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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