Living Without Wal-Mart

…is it possible?

I’ve grown tired of everything honestly- the way my life is in a downward spiral and it seems to all come back to Wal-Mart- a store that is just simply there and doesn’t actually do anything to me.

I go in there and buy all the food to binge on; I go in and buy random stuff that I don’t need and every time I go in there, it seems to get worse and worse. It seems like the associates working there care less and less and almost go out of their way to provide bad service- maybe with the hopes that you won’t come back to bother them anymore.

Their prices go up, so they can lower them a bit and talk about “low prices”- they continue to add more and more “self-checkouts” and have less and less people actually working there- I know- I didn’t think that was possible either.

They fail to order/stock popular items, their deli area is a joke, the knowledge of most of the folks in the electronic department is laughable and I seem to always be in a worse mood when I come out- than I was when I went in.

On top of all of that- the convenience really leads to spending more on things we don’t even need. We go in there daily and spent $15-$50 on stuff we didn’t even know we needed…and usually didn’t need. It’s become TOO convenient.

Let’s be honest though…I live in a small town in Kentucky so not going to Wal-Mart has almost been made impossible- but I want to try- I NEED to try.

As part of a multi-layered attempt to get my life back and be a happier person, I’m starting a year of little to no Wal-Mart and I’m starting it TODAY- October 15th.

I need to focus on food, over spending and being a happier person.

I sat down and made a list of all the things I buy at Wal-Mart and optional places to get them- yes, I realize that places like Kroger and Target are just as bad…but I need to do this with baby steps- we don’t have a local Target to go to daily and our Kroger doesn’t sell toys and video games…so removing Wal-Mart it is.

There may be emergencies when I have no other options than running into Wal-Mart. 3am trips for medicine because my wife or son got sick in the middle of the night, running in for a pair of pants or something like that but I’m going to try my best to plan ahead as much as possible and if I do have to go into a Wal-Mart it’s to get something specific- not waste an hour shopping and buying things I don’t need.

It’s time to break up with this obsession of buying “stuff” and that won’t be easy but, hopefully, it will get easier and easier as life goes on.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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