Day 5 Got Me

October 15th – I decided to try to stop my addiction to shopping by focusing on ending our daily Wal-Mart trips.

I didn’t step into a Wal-Mart until October 19th when we ran in to see if they had a specific item that we were looking to get for someone for Christmas. We’ve tried finding it on Amazon but the price is so damn inflated it’s impossible and the same goes for other websites thanks to collectors.

They didn’t have what we were looking for and I walked out with a box of trading cards that cost me $20 that I didn’t need or want but bought because of the hype I’ve seen online and the fact that they were there.

We also walked out with cookies, a Cookies and Cream brownie and chips.

I also looked at all the toys, collectibles, electronics and cards and almost spent even more money…

…and THAT is why I’m spending a year documenting my attempts to remove Wal-Mart from my life.

It was also a Wal-Mart that we had never been too in Berea, KY so that was another reason because, you know, you have to go to ALL the Wal-Marts- it’s tradition!

I’m disappointed in myself but I did make 4 full days without going and that is a plus. Let’s try to make this stretch longer.

So- 4 days of doing good and 1 day of Wal-Mart and I not only spent money I didn’t have or want to spent but I gained a few pounds as well.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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