Saturday I got back on Sharketo and today is day 4 and it’s going pretty damn well- a huge part of the success if we’ve been cooking at home and going out “shopping” less and I’m really trying to stay away from specific areas that get me – like candy and the seasonal area which is loaded with Christmas candy.

I’m down about 5 lbs in the last 3 days and I got back to exercise yesterday which wasn’t easy because I’ve been sick all weekend and I think it’s in my chest, but I still got some bike and boxing in and it felt pretty good- once I caught my breath.

I’ve struggled for so long but it feels like those struggles have helped get me here- I still have a long way to get in order to get back to where I was but I feel good about it right now.

The key is to focus on the foods we CAN have and fix things that we look forward to eating so we don’t get into a spot where we don’t have something delicious for dinner and we have to turn to fast food.

This is 100% a mental game and it’s a game I’ve been losing for a while now but I feel like I’m back in a decent place.

I already feel the cravings going away and I’m starting to be in a better mood- when you do this for so long, you don’t need keto pee strips- your body tells you when it starts getting into it and I would say another day or two and I’ll be back into full ketosis and then I can work on getting back into being fat adapted so I can attack 2020 full speed and hit the goals I’ve set.

I went back through and reset all of my weekly and monthly short term goals and focused them on hitting my overall goal of losing half of my starting weight – 220 lbs. It’s not an insane amount per week, around 2.5-3 lbs which is what most doctors recommend; I should be able to lose more due to my current weight.

I’ve got a little less than 14 months to get to my overall goal and I need to get this trilogy back on track and focus on it daily.

I know an attack could just be around the corner- when my mind and body tells me I need to go on a binge but if I can fight through it- I know how amazing I can feel doing this and I need to get back to that spot.

Hourly battles will get me there…I just can’t stop fighting.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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