I’m Good

I got that weird motivation back and I’m now sure how long I can keep it but I’m hoping I can make a good 6 month run like I did back in early 2018.

I had 6 perfect days of keto and then last night, I had a couple fried pickles and then some cookies with some milk and I’m good with that- back at it today.

Back in 2018, I remember we did more of a “lazy keto” but for the first several weeks, we had our cheat night every Friday with some amazing chocolate cookies and I still lost 110 lbs in 6 months so…again…I’m good with it.

Remember- I’m doing Sharketo and it’s my own thing so if you don’t agree with me having some cookies and milk you can fuck off.

With that said…I can NOT let that turn into anything more than some milk and cookies. I didn’t go off and have tons of fast food or eat so much sugar that I was laying in the bed in pain- I didn’t cram candy bars and thousands of calories into my mouth- I literally kept it at that.

Today is back on the grind – it will NOT turn into a multi-day binge.

And YES, I know how keto works and, even if I had gotten into ketosis, those cookies and milk kicked me right out and…again…I’m good with that. Going a week with only cheating with some milk and cookies is amazing for me- at this point- and it should only get better.

I still feel good…still feel hyped and motivated so I’m running with that.

Let’s Go Champ!!

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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