Sword and Shield

Most of the people who know me know that I’m a huge Pokemon fan so I keep getting asked the same question- how are you liking Sword and Sheild?

Honestly- didn’t buy it and have no urge to every buy it; I love Pokemon- watching the show, learning about them and playing the actual TCG but I’m not a fan of the video games.

In general, I’m not a huge fan of “turn based” games because I think they are pretty stupid.

I have a couple Pokemon games on Nintendo DS that came with the DS when I bought it used on Facebook but I’ve never played those either.

I love playing Pokemon Go but…that isn’t your normal Pokemon video game. I also enjoy the Wii games of PokePark.

I did break down and buy “Let’s Go Pikachu” because I loved the idea of catching Pokemon actually using a Pokeball controller but even that got old pretty quick- due to the turn based fighting style that I literally hate.

That is one of the reasons I haven’t played the South Park games as much- I own them both and played them and I enjoy the story, jokes and everything BUT the stupid turn based fighting.

I remember the good ‘ol days when I had the South Park game on Nintendo 64 and got to run around killing turkeys.

So- YES- I’m a huge Pokemon fan and I can’t wait for the Sword and Shield Pokemon to start hitting the actual TCG and Pokemon Go but I have no intentions of every buying or playing Sword or Shield.

ALSO- not having the entire Pokedex…come on…what bullshit is that?

Give me a Pokemon game where I can run around and catch them AND then fight them like in Pokken Tournament and then you’ll have a game that I’ll put a few hours in…until then…I’m sticking with Call of Duty!

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