Day One

How does one “get back into Sharketo”…I find myself asking that, because I’ve tried for almost a year to relive that glory and stop the weight gain and have failed over and over again.

I think the only thing is to really DO IT- I’ve allowed myself to lose control and I’ve already enjoyed those rare- “Christmas only” things like those cheap ass little cookies with the red and green sugar sprinkles. I sat down with some family and enjoyed a huge meal last night and I even enjoyed a plate of fudge- as far as food goes- the holidays are over.

Sure- I still want to watch the movies, have the days off and enjoy life…but as far as the food…it’s time to focus on 2020.

Here is the plan today- and I need to start laying out the plan more and more every day so I know, in my head, what to follow.

Currently- I’m downing my energy drink and getting ready to take my Mega Men multivitamin, B12 super complex and potassium.

I’ll be walking on both breaks and lunch- which gives me an hour of walking.

Bike, boxing and weights at 3:30pm and then dinner around 5:30pm.

This week will be the hardest but I got SharketoGiving to look forward too and I need to get my body back to moving again because I’m turning back into a fat ass slug and I gotta change that quick.

I’ve been trying this for about 2 years now…but looks like it’s back to Day One again.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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