SharketoGiving Week 2019

It’s SharketoGiving week.

We’ve already bought the food and we plan to have our 2nd annual SharketoGiving annual fest on Thursday with turkey, green bean casserole and even pie- all Sharketo approved!!

If you search the page for “SharketoGiving 2018” then you’ll find a link to the recap and all the recipes we made- we took our “normal” Thanksgiving dinner from around 212g carbs down to just 33g carbs- 25g carbs net!

Thanksgiving is a pretty stupid holiday when you actually go back and learn the history- and knowing what we know now- it didn’t really turn out well for the Native Americans. People want to use this as a time to celebrate family and all of our “blessings” but that is basically a slap in the face to reality and I refuse to be a part of that.

You have so many people yelling against immigrants, that will be setting down to celebrate the first illegal immigrants who did EXACTLY what these people are afraid of happening- came here illegally, raped and killed those already here and took their land…and then called it America.

I’m using this week to fall back in love with Sharketo and try to focus on my addiction- food. I need to regain some control before I gain all of the weight back and SharketoGiving is the perfect time to do that!

I need to remember why Sharketo works so well for me and remember that amazing feeling when I could breathe and actually fit in my clothes.

I want to make 2020 one of the best years of my life because, somehow, 2019 has been pure shit and it’s all my fault.

I don’t focus on “blessings” because life is what YOU make it- you achieve what you fight for- it’s not just handed to you.

SharketoGiving is about a way of eating and controlling an addiction and I need to use this week to re-read my research and my own Sharketo 101…it’s never too late to restart and get back to the basics.

Happy SharketoGiving!

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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