SharketoGiving 2019

Our annual SharketoGiving had a few ups, a few downs but- all in all- was a pretty successful day!

Most of the food was amazing- the turkey turned out amazing- fake boobs and all!

The biggest hit of the day, same as last year, was our green bean casserole which is just mind-blowing to those on Sharketo and those NOT on it- it’s better than any carb loaded green bean casserole I’ve ever had!

The “sweet potatoes” were yummy as well- which were actually butternut squash and cauliflower.

Our smashed cauliflower did NOT turn out great- which it never really does- just not a fan of it.

Our Carbquick 7-Up biscuits turned out great as well.

We tried to new desserts this year with one being an epic fail and the other being an epic success! Our chocolate pie looked amazing but was just terrible- left a really bad aftertaste.

The Shar-Bars we made though turned out AMAZING (recipe will be up soon!) they had a great taste and texture and really give you that “dessert” feel!

After we all ate, we played some video games, hung out and took some family pictures.

Sadly- it wasn’t the “fall in love” with Sharketo feast that I had hoped it would be because we ended up eating bad again over and over- all during the long weekend.

Sharketo is all about hits and misses- some recipes just don’t work out and those are even worse because they cost so much to “test”, which is why we ONLY post the recipes that we enjoy- we test them FOR YOU so you don’t have to waste your money!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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