I lost 8 lbs overnight with this amazing pill and YOU can too!!! Just send me $50 and I’ll send you a pill that will guarantee that you lose 8 lbs or more overnight! **

** You must completely change your diet, add exercise and it must be the day after Christmas- in which you ate ALL the food and candy…and drinks. You also must weigh BEFORE you use the bathroom on the 1st day but AFTER you use the bathroom on the 2nd day.

** Guarantee is just a fake word- your $50 will go towards video games and Pokemon cards.


There you have it kids….ya boi ol’ Sharky here dropped EXACTLY 8 lbs from yesterday morning to this morning.

“So you lost 8 lbs overnight???”


Yes- the scale says 8 lbs down and my pants already feel bigger on me.

No- I didn’t “lose” 8 lbs.

The funny thing about people is that we usually have a big food day the day before we really start to get serious about weight loss (some of us do that process over and over and over again)-we’ll call it a “last meal”.

My last meal was several meals and we call that- Christmas- several meals with pie and candy and fruit punch and everything you can shove into a fat person.

That means, when I got up December 26th- I was highly bloated and felt like shit. Most of the time you feel the “bloat” in your stomach area which makes your pants seem tight.

Yesterday was the highest weight I’ve been since around March 2018- so I wasn’t real happy about that…I was honestly afraid to step on the scale and that was the reason I forced myself to do it. When I get afraid of the scale, there is no accountability and I just lose it.

Yesterday was rough and I wanted to just run to bad food but I fought it and made it through. I had a snack of tuna and then had some ham, smashed cauliflower and Sharketo green bean casserole for dinner with some keto friendly chocolate chips for dessert and a handful of pepperonis before bed- which is my worst time of the day for snacking.

That was an amazing first day and I walked for 70 minutes.

So- take a highly bloated fat guy and have him fast for 18 hours, eat healthy Sharketo, get over an hour of exercise in and- technically- two days of “bathroom” time and BOOM…8 lbs.

This is where folks deal with their first big hurdle- I didn’t actually lose 8 lbs of weight and it will not continue- it’s almost like a cleansing type thing. I’ll probably lose a few more lbs this week and should be around 12 lbs lost in a week- which is normal.

That 2nd week will slow down dramatically and the third week could be ZERO lost or even some gained- regardless of how perfect you do.

People then get frustrated because they have worked so hard that week, only to see the scale go up- this is why so many people push Non-Scale Victories (NSV) because the scale isn’t always accurate or reflective of your body changes.

You have to fully understand how weight loss works and not let stuff like “8 lbs overnight” really hype you up because it’s not reality.

With that said- those “pills” you buy that make those insane promises are usually just water pills that flush out all the water weight and make you believe you just lost 8 lbs overnight- believe me…bigly fake news- that is the kind of story you would find on FauxNews.

I have weekly goals I want to meet but this “big week” was worked into those, to help offset those weeks where the scale doesn’t show any loss.

Yesterday- I watched ZERO news, listened to some gaming podcasts and played a ton of Fortnite, Modern Warfare and Little Nightmares.


Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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